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Our New Manufacturing Technique: CNC Machining

CNC machine cutting Tongue and Groove MDF panels at Naturewall's UK factory.

As we begin a new year, we're excited to officially announce the expansion of our UK production facilities. We've been busy behind the scenes bringing our Beverley workshop to life with cutting-edge technology. As part of this expansion, we're thrilled to welcome a new addition to our manufacturing methods: CNC machining. This device plays a key role in making our paintable styles, namely Tongue and Groove, Reeded, Fluted and SlatWall MDF panels.

SlatWall MDF panelling in production using the CNC machine at Naturewall's Yorkshire workshop.

What is a CNC machine? 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This type of machine uses automated software to direct the movement of its cutting tools across the chosen sheet material, with different tooling used to cut out particular profiles.

Due to the levels of accuracy and consistency in CNC machining, we can produce panels at scale to premium standards, ensuring the paintable styles boast the same high quality as SlatWall.


How we make wall panels with our CNC machine

Using the drawings provided by our design team, we program the CNC machine with the dimensions we want to create and lay out the sheet material – in the case of our latest collections, that's moisture-resistant MDF and Hidrofugo MDF. Depending on the type of panelling that's been programmed, the grooves, reeds or flutes are precisely chiselled into the material's surface with the relevant cutters. In other words, it turns a flat surface into a three-dimensional design brimming with intrigue, depth and drama. 

Tongue and Groove MDF wall panels stacked on grey metal racks.

What CNC machining means for Naturewall

Managed by a team of experts with decades of experience using CNC machinery between them, this production method allows us to create new dimensions that will help you reimagine your interiors.

Looking to Naturewall's future, this machinery brings exciting possibilities for our product development, supporting our mission of making your dream walls a reality.