Oiled Oak Planks

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Colour: Oiled Oak Brushed


Variations of warm wood tones create a soft yet rich sandy finish, showcasing the natural qualities found in oak. Create a high-end feel in your space by adding these easy to install textured wood planks to walls or ceilings. 

All planks will have natural characteristics and slight colour variation. 



  • Easy to fit, just Peel and Stick pre-applied self-adhesive strips
  • Real wood veneer
  • Brushed textured grain finish
  • Premium European oil (VOC free) 
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Residential and Commercial application 
  • Manufactured in the UK, exclusively by us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are Peel & Stick planks?

Each plank measures 127 x 1200mm.

How many m² does a box of Peel & Stick planks cover?

One box contains seven planks and will cover approximately 1m².

How do I cut Peel & Stick planks?

We recommend cutting Peel & Stick planks with a fine-toothed hand saw instead of power tools.

How many Peel & Stick planks do I need?

Measure the height and width of your chosen space in metres, then multiply these values together. Divide this number by 1.07 then round your answer up to calculate how many packs you'll need.

Why do I need to acclimatise my Peel & Stick planks?

As Peel & Stick planks are made from wood, they can slightly expand and contract depending on the temperature of your room. We recommend acclimatising your planks by unboxing and placing them in your chosen room for at least three days before installation.

Can I install Peel & Stick planks in wet areas?

We recommend installing Peel & Stick planks in dry areas with low humidity and no water contact.

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