Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)
Individual Slats (Smoked Oak)


Boasting a beautiful depth, this Smoked Oak Individual Slat adds drama wherever it's installed. The rich brown tones bring timeless sophistication to any interior, whether residential or commercial.

This style is crafted from black MDF – to give the structure a precise, clean-lined finish – and oak wood veneer applied to the front-facing surface. In addition to complementing the smoked finish, the dark core provides extra shadowing when the slat is seen from an angle. Choose between the 2.4m and 3m lengths to suit your chosen room's size and the requirements of your project.

Individual Slats are simple and easy to install with Hybrid Grab Adhesive. You can also use felt sheets to make custom slat wall panels.


Individual Slat Smoked Oak

Smokey wood veneered individual slats

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Dimensions and Details

Slat Size (mm) L2400 or 3000 x W27 x D12
Slat Coverage (m²) 0.0648
Slat Weight (kg) Up to 0.8
Composition Real wood smoked oak veneer, Dark coloured MDF core

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the slats?

Our individual slats are very easy to install, by simply applying grab adhesive onto the back of each slat. Check out our fitting guide for more information.

How many slats do I get?

We sell the slats individually. We would recommend ordering several slats depending upon your wall measurements and design. You can find the slat measurements under the dimensions tab. If you need any help calculating how many you will need, contact our helpful customer care team.

What gap should I leave between each slat?

With individual slats you have the flexibility to fit each slat closer together or further apart, depending upon your preference. If you would like to replicate the gap used within our SlatWall panels we would recommend a 13mm gap.

Do the individual slats come with felt backing?

The slats do not come with the acoustic felt backing attached. If you would like the slats to have a felt backing, we would recommend using our SlatWall Panels in your design. Or design your own bespoke panels with our felt backing sheets.

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