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Christmas Styling 2022

This image shows a fireplace with a SlatWall covering, in front of the fire there is a coffee table with lit candles, two glasses or champagne and some Christmas ornaments. The corner of a sofa can be seen also.

That time of the year is finally here and we are so excited! If you have created a calm and stylish home, adding Christmas decorations can really change the whole interior design. The main addition to any home at Christmas is the tree, as its a natural source, its going to pair well with other natural materials in your home. SlatWall is a natural product and pairs great with the seasonal colours of foliage, berries and pine cones. Here's how we would incorporate those Christmas elements without disrupting the vibe.


A Minimalist Living Room

Decorating your living room for Christmas gives you the opportunity to go all out. Make the most of the holiday season by decorating from the floor to the ceiling. A perfect way to do this is by having a Christmas tree that nearly reaches that height of the room, this gives the illusion that the room is spacious as it draws the eye up. If you want to maximize your space, then opt for a minimalist approach with your decorations. We tend to get too excited for Christmas and want to display all of our ornaments and baubles, but this can often make busy rooms overcrowded, especially if it’s an entertaining space. Choose a colour pallet and stick to it. When we create cohesion and consistency it elevates the design as there's purpose behind every element.

Christmas can be a hectic period so consider function when designing, wall decorations allow you to do this as you won't be taking any floor space, leave that for the tree! Decorate your surfaces with element that not only incorporate Christmas colours but shapes too. Cones mimic Christmas trees and are a great minimalist alternative if you don't want mini trees around the house.

See how the Washed Oak SlatWall has been used as a fireplace covering and how it pairs so well with gold and rich tones. The warmth in the accessories pull out the warmth in the wood.

Two images show a fireplace covered in Slatwall with a Christmas tree in the corner. The fire is lit and so are tall candles on the coffee table


The Heart of the Home, The Kitchen

Decorations are meant for every room so just because your kitchen is more of a functional space, don't neglect it. You can incorporate seasonal foliage, berries and dried fruits to level up your kitchen decor and kitchen smell! If there's no room for an extra tree then take advantage of the walls and hang a wreath or mistletoe. The simple addition of some greenery hanging adds to the festive feel without having to embrace a full-on Christmas make over.

A drinks station about a great idea and all about dedicating an area to display your best drinkware and bottles. Whether you need to hideaway kitchen appliance for a few days or are fortunate enough to have extra counter space, using the area as a serving station will make the process quicker and easier for everyone.

The Natural Oak on Black SlatWall (left) Walnut and Black SlatWall Waterproof (right) has been used as kitchen island coverings, this also has warm tones and warm accessories, but see how the use of black has added a depth to the room.

Two images show kitchens with SlatWall. The image on the left shows a kitchen island with the front covered in SlatWall with two bar stools and a dining table. The image on the right shows another kitchen island and shelves both covered in SlatWall. The island has two glasses of champagne and a sharing bored, the shelves behind display bottles and glasses.


Hotel Vibes in the Guest Bedroom

If you are fortunate enough to see your loved ones this Christmas then go out of your way to make their time special and memorable. Decorate their space with Christmassy colours, add a deep red or dark green throw on white bedding. Temperatures are dropping so add those layers! The deep and rich colours pair beautifully, contrasting the pale wood or matching the deep tones in a darker wood. Like the kitchen, a little goes a long way. We don't want to turn the room into Santa's Grotto but we do want to keep it warm, inviting, and stylish. Some foliage and berries show more thought behind the design, rather than hanging some tinsel. Why not add an early welcome present for your guests to find when they enter their room!

Using our Driftwood Grey Peel and Stick Planks or the Grey Pine Reclaimed Planks is the perfect way to achieve that Chalet Ski lodge in the Alps...but at home. 

The two images show a bedroom. On the left there is a bed against a wall of Driftwood Grey Peel and Stick Planks, there is a chair in the corner and a side table with candles. The image on the right shows another bed against a wall if Reclaimed Grey Pine Planks, there is a low hanging ceiling light and below is a bedside table.



Wherever you are, whoever you spend your Christmas with, we hope you have a wonderful time and appreciate those around you.


From all of us at Naturewall, Merry Christmas!