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How to Style Dark Wood SlatWalls

This image shows a grand living room with high ceilings and a dark wooden slatwall. there is a large piece of art hanging next to the slatwall with a large L-shaped sofa and coffee table in front

Scandinavian styles have been trending for years, and why wouldn't they be? Light, bright and airy rooms with clean lines and natural accessories, it creates a feeling of luxury. Japanese design is also very popular with its focus on natural material while incorporating darker and richer tones, opposing the Scandi staple. To create a Japandi styled interior is to incorporate modern and simplistic accessories and feature those dark woods panels and natural elements, creating a balance between the two.


Deep Walnut

Create a warm and cosy headboard with the Deep Walnut SlatWall. Create almost an alcove, wrap around headboard to provide a luxurious hotel feel in your own home. Pair this feature with warm tones, such as a gold or brass table lamp, layer the bedding to add depth, contrast, and texture with white, neutral, and brown colours, and finally use warm lighting to create a calm and relaxing space when it's time to wind down.


Two images showing a bed with a deep walnut wooden slats as a headboard, with white and brown bedding and a side table with a lamp


Deep Walnut can even be used to create your own wall art, use the Individual Slats to achieve this. Get creative and make your statement piece to display in any entertainment space or even to add some character to a hallway. Pair with a side table to create different layers and accessories with other warm and dark tones. Use different levels with the accessories to keep consistency, use books and vases, and also add warm lighting to highlight the rich tones within the wood.


Two images showing wooden slats used as art work, horizontal slats on the left hand side and vertical slats on the right hand side form a square


Smoked Oak

If you want to create a warm, yet dark interior then use the Smoked Oak SlatWall. This SlatWall can be used to create a mature space or to contrast neutral and light spaces. The perfect product to try the Japandi style. If you want to try something new but love the Scandi vibe, using Smoked Oak to contrast a bright room is a great way to transition into that Japandi, dark – but not too dark – interior design. Because of the deep, warm tones, the Smoked Oak adds drama and depth which will be highlighted even more when paired with light earthy colours – stone, white, beige and a rich green.
 Two images, on the left shows a slatwall back drop with a table and rattan chair next to it, on the right the image shows a slatwall backdrop with a lounge chair in front

Grey Oak

If Smoked Oak is too big of a dive into the darker design and you want a cooler, more grey earth tones, then go for the Grey Oak SlatWall. Our Interior Designer Olivia recommends using a section of the space instead of the full length of the room of SlatWall, as this creates a contrasting zone but doesn’t overpower the rest of the room. You can still achieve a bright and airy atmosphere with cool and neutral coloured furniture and woods, but add some depth with the contrasting SlatWall. If you are committed to the Grey Oak, then great! Use a full wall of SlatWall to create a cool natural atmosphere, using black accessories and some other natural tones, such as rattan which also adds texture. This creates a calming atmosphere, especially by adding plants and other natural elements.
Two images, on the left is shows a living room with a slatwall background, there is a beige sofa and a coffee table. on the right there is a dining room with a grey slatwall background, there is a black table with black chairs with a rattan backing 

Charcoal Black

If you want to create a complete mature and moody atmosphere, then the Charcoal Black Slatwall should be your choice. With dark wood panelling, you have the option to base the whole atmosphere and space off it or to use it as a contrasting statement piece. If you want to use Charcoal Black as a statement piece, keep it simple. Pair this with beige furniture, gold accessories and warm toned flooring or rugs. Due to the dark tones, using gold and beige accessories will add warmth to what could be quite a dark and cold space. The lighter colours will brighten up the space but still have that contrasting space that adds moodiness to the room.
Two images show a living room with a black slatwall backing, there is a beige sofa arm in the shot with a tall, arched floor lamp. on the right it shows a close up of the black slatwall of the same image.
To create a monochrome and contemporary atmosphere, we would take up a larger space with the Charcoal Black SlatWalls. Use similar dark tones in the furniture and accessories, and pair with low warm lighting. The use of silver and metallic colours is a great opportunity to use a mix of materials as they have similar tones but have different textures which add depth. Although this adds drama, it's slightly calm and works great in relaxing spaces like a bedroom or living room.
This image shows a grand living room with high ceilings and a large L-shaped beige sofa. There is a black slatwall behind the sofa and  a large piece of wall art hanging next to that.


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