Naturewall Reclaimed Planks in Grey Pine and Natural Pine. Bed and bed side table in foreground. Natural light coming through a large window on the right.

Decorative eco-friendly walls at Naturewall

We create products that are made to outlive all the current on-trend styles whilst also be ready for the new ones. Having one product that can last a lifetime helps us be more mindful in a disposable world. Discover our 3D and Reclaimed wood wall panels and planks that are 100% sustainable for you and the planet.

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In the design world, it is so easy to forget how simple it can be to upgrade an interior without the need for chopping down trees. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the fast fashion industry that we overlook what is right in front of us and opt for the brand new simply because it is on-trend and in style. Because of this, we have trends going in and out of fashion so rapidly it is hard to keep up. Decade on decade, we see the revival of our favourites but how are we to know that they will come back around once we have spent the money and made the permanent changes to our homes?

Going back to basics with nature, to give that rustic and wooden atmosphere, has cropped up again and again. Naturewall pride themselves on bringing this feel of comfort into homes and more commercial spaces. We have created a number of products that not only find themselves remaining on-trend as designs change, they are kind to the environment. Being long-lasting, adaptable, and eco-friendly makes them sustainable for you and our planet.


Our Bespoke Eco-friendly Products

Of course, all of our SlatWall panels are backed onto our classic felt backing that is made from recycled plastic bottles but that is not all. We also make use of reclaimed wood to create our beautifully unique 3D & Reclaimed products. The nature of the build means that every panel will be different. You can truly say that your wall is a one-of-a-kind.


Reclaimed Planks

Using our reclaimed planks, sold in packs of 18 to cover 1, you can add an authentic edge to any room. Perfect for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, or place in an office space to bring in that extra luxury to the work environment. The mixture of tones and deep grains are caused naturally by weathering, giving each plank a distinctive texture and character.

Naturewall Grey Pine Reclaimed wood planks used as a feature wall behind a bed with neutral coloured bedding


Styling Grey Pine

The darker effect of the Grey Pine is ideal when putting together a cosy and relaxing vibe. Match with minimal dark furniture to highlight the textures whilst maintaining a moody atmosphere. If you prefer something less mysterious, enhance the grey and lighter tones of the planks with more neutral creams and beiges.

Light up those candles and cover yourself in blankets as the Grey Pine transports you to a Wintery log cabin. Want this feel all year round? Use the planks to cover a full room. Or, open up those curtains and let in all the natural light making the rustic appearance really stand out. Choose a single feature wall that is adjacent to your windows for the sun to bounce off.

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Natural Pine Reclaimed wood planks with black hooks on the wall holding a bag and scarf


Styling Natural Pine

The warm wood tones of the Natural Pine planks can adapt for any occasion. Brighten up a room as the light reflects off the yellow and orange tones, ideal for highlighting various wall hangings like art and mirrors. Bring in the outdoors even more by attaching plant holders or trailing your Devil’s Ivy along hooks to create a border. Use in a front porch or hallway to welcome guests with a personalised coat rack feature.

Natural Pine has a wonderful neutral colour that you can pair with any season. Whether you are hanging up festive green garlands for Christmas or stringing up lights for Diwali, you can decorate to your own likings without a worry of clashes. Even better if you fancy freshening up your furniture!

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Fancy something even more unique and just to your taste? You can mix up our Reclaimed planks using both the Grey and Natural Pine. A contrast of light and dark that fits to your own personality!


3D Panels

Looking for something to make a statement and, literally, stand-out from all other wooden walls? Check out our beautiful three-dimensional panels, sold in packs of 12 panels to cover 1. Made out of reclaimed blocks of teak, these are perfect for feature walls in a dining setting and social spaces. Natural weathering causes the various shapes, sizes and textures of each wooden piece making each panel different to the next.


Coloraded 3D reclaimed planks on wall. Light fittings coming down from the ceiling with black wire and white shades. Yellow full-length seating with white cushions on.



Much like the Natural Pine, our 3D Colorado panels have the adaptability to fit all rooms and occasions. The neutral warm wood colour can be matched with darker furniture and decoration for cosiness or show off your boldness with bright colours.

Showcase works of contemporary art in the centre of a feature wall or add interesting light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. We love the restaurant set up in the photo above. The Colorado wall behind the yellow seating is fun and youthful with the possibility of a dramatic mood change from the lighting. Perfect for a light lunch by day and cocktail bar by night.

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Java 3D reclaimed panels on a wall behind a black wire framed bed. Desk area with yellow office chair to the right.



Bring out your creativity with the exciting pops of colour of the traditional Javanese houses and finishing boats that are reclaimed for our 3D Java panels. We all need a bit of colour in our life and the randomness of these natural and painted planks not only gives you new and unique décor, you are bringing a little bit of history into your interiors.

Add to a kids bedroom for an enjoyable morning wake up routine or make an office space less daunting. Pair with other bright colours or simply add those neutrals to make your wall the true centre of attention.

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We don’t have to keep buying new, new, new…

Or at least, if we do, we can be more mindful of the impact on our planet that it causes. If a permanent change is to be made to an interior space and you want it to be ever-lasting, without the worry of having to upgrade to fit the latest styles, then your best option is checking out those styles that pop up continuously.

At Naturewall, we are bringing them to your spaces whilst allowing you to have the piece of mind that what we are doing is sustainable for you and the planet. Using our 3D and reclaimed wood products, you can always be sure that the panels and planks are 100% sustainable for us all.