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Media Wall Ideas: Style Your TV with SlatWall

Minimalist, neutral living room with a SlatWall Natural Oak media wall

Looking for media wall ideas? You've come to the right place. A well-curated wall streamlines your space while maximising its visual impact. Whether you're styling your screen with smart home devices or pairing it with a fireplace, a media wall is a stylish way of tying all the elements together.
Our best-selling SlatWall panels are perfect for pairing with wall-mounted TVs. Even better, there are several ways to style our slats. You can create a bespoke wall-to-wall feature incorporating your tech or apply them as a section to give your television a textured accompaniment.
Discover media wall designs to complement your decor and how to create your own with SlatWall. Movie nights at home with the family and weekends binge-watching box sets are about to become even more enjoyable. 


Left: neutral living room with a SlatWall section for a wall-mounted TV. Right: grey bedroom with a full SlatWall media wall.
Image sources: @homestyle_bycarly and @the_oakwood6


Media wall ideas for your interior

A TV media wall will give your chosen room a coherent and considered look, whether you're renovating your living room, decorating your open-plan kitchen and dining area, or planning a bespoke project. There's an idea to suit every aesthetic too. SlatWall Washed Oak and Natural Oak go great with light and bright interiors, while Walnut and Deep Walnut pair perfectly with warm palettes. Grey Oak's neutrality works beautifully as a blank canvas, and Smoked Oak and Charcoal Black are darkly atmospheric.
Here are some of our favourite media wall designs that use SlatWall as a stylish backdrop for wall-mounted technology.


TV media wall made from SlatWall Charcoal Black, featuring strip lights and white shelves and cupboards.
 Image source: @oliverreidbespoke


Sleek and cinematic

Bring the cinema to you and put your screen front and centre on a feature wall. For the most impressive effect, we suggest opting for a minimalist arrangement. If you want practical storage solutions for consoles and gadgets, simple shelves and cupboards keep wires out of sight and surfaces tidy. To make a stunning statement that's reminiscent of a film theatre, add some strip lighting – which pairs perfectly with SlatWall's linear structure – to draw the eye and set the mood. Popcorn at the ready!


SlatWall media wall in a living room with a grey sofa. Right: Media wall with a log burner and partial backdrop of SlatWall.
Image sources: @moveinwithmelissa and @my_croft_journey


Chic and cosy

A media wall is an easy way to elevate snug spaces, like bedrooms and lounges, with striking effect. Design a dedicated area for your TV by installing SlatWall to a section of your wall. It can act as a whole or partial backdrop. This creates a graphic finish while providing an area to group items together, such as your screen, cabinets and log burner. The result? A contemporary alternative to a media wall with a fireplace.


Open-plan living area with a wood table, orange and white chairs, a patterned sofa and media wall made from SlatWall panels.
Image source: @janewhithaminteriors


Opulent and contemporary

If you're planning a grand design, a custom media wall will give your interior a special touch. To achieve a state-of-the-art look, include complementary textures, rich colours and deluxe finishes. SlatWall's depth and drama goes wonderfully with organic materials, such as wood and stone, and sumptuous fabrics like velvet and bouclé. For a pop of colour, choose vivid shades that provide a contrasting counterpoint to your SlatWall panels. Lastly, add metallic accents with brushed or burnished effects to complete the luxe vibe.


Living room featuring SlatWall Grey Oak as a partial backdrop for a wall-mounted television.
 Image source: @minimalinteriordesigns


How to install a media wall with SlatWall

Bringing your dream wall to life is easy with our decorative wall panels. Whether you're refreshing your home or designing a custom interior, here are our top tips for creating a media wall with SlatWall.


Media wall featuring a large widescreen television and SlatWall Natural Oak wood wall panels.
Image source: @meghanhillhome


1. Plan your media wall design

To make your media wall installation as streamlined as possible, we recommend starting by planning your design. Firstly, decide where your television is going. Consider the line of sight from your seating to ensure viewing the screen is as comfortable as possible. Other things to think about include additional wall fixtures, like shelves or lighting, and your colour scheme. The last thing to decide is the placement of your wood wall panels – will you install them wall-to-wall or opt for a smaller area?


2. Prepare your wall

Next up, get your wall ready for its transformation. Grab all the tools you'll need and remove any current fixtures from the wall. Then, make sure your wall is clean and level to ensure smooth application of your SlatWall panels. If they need resizing to fit, cut them with a fine-toothed hand saw or trim the felt backing with a sharp utility knife.


3. Install your SlatWall panels

Now that you've done your preparation, it's time to install your panels. You can affix them to your wall using screws or grab adhesive. Our easy-to-follow fitting guide has all the information you'll need.


4. Add your TV bracket

To attach a TV bracket – or other fixtures such as shelves – simply drill through the SlatWall panel and sub-wall, then use appropriate wall plugs and screws. Once that's done, your television is ready to be put in place.


5. Kick back and enjoy your media wall

We saved the best step till last. Sit in that comfy chair, put your feet up and admire your stunning media wall.


neutral living room with a section of SlatWall on a TV media wall
Image source: @home_number_3


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