Small SlatWall Waterproof sample in natural oak and black, from Naturewall.
Bathroom set showing Oak and Black SlatWall Waterproof on bathroom wall with contemporary white bath in foreground.

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Our samples offer you the opportunity to try a variety of products in your own home, making sure you choose the right finish for your interior design.

With quick and easy installation, SlatWall Waterproof is the ideal way to create a luxurious design in your high humidity indoor spaces. Use in bathrooms, kitchens, boot rooms or more. Made with recycled materials, these panels are fully waterproof, aid insulation, and help sound absorption in any room.

All waterproof panels have a premium finish that is easy to maintain and clean with normal soap and water.


Length (mm) 260
Width (mm) 168
Depth (mm) 13


Finish Premium waterproof wood-on-wood effect
Composition 90% recycled polystyrene, 10% virgin materials including styrene-butadiene rubber

SlatWall Waterproof Natural Oak and Black Sample

Try a premium waterproof sample in your own home

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image of slatwall waterproof natural oak and black sample

SlatWall Waterproof Natural Oak and Black Sample

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