10 Ways to create a headboard - Here are 10 different ways you can style your SlatWall Panels in your bedroom...

10 Ways to create a headboard

Here are 10 different ways you can style your SlatWall Panels in your bedroom...

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Beautiful Ceiling Design

This incredible design incorporates LED lighting and staggered individual slats. Taking the slats onto the ceiling is a great way of zoning the space and is often seen in hotels to make the bed the main feature of the room. Now you can bring this high-end and luxury look into your own home!

Natural Oak Individual Slats (without the felt backing)

Painted Panels

Yes, that’s right, you can paint your SlatWall Panels any colour to create the perfect design for you. If you want to keep your minimal colour palette, you can simply paint the panels the same colour as your wall to add depth (a trick that many designers use!). 

Top Tip: Placing your SlatWall at the side of your bed gives the feel of a bigger space by splitting up the wall and creating visual interest.

Natural Oak SlatWall painted white

Shorter Headboard

You can create this stunning design by easily cutting your panels in half using a fine toothed wood saw or handheld power tools (it is easy to do, trust me).

Another design trick used by designers to create visual interest and add depth to a space by bringing in another dimension and material. This way, you can jump on the trend of bringing in natural materials to your interior without it overpowering your room.

Top tip: To fix your panels to your wall you can either use screws or grab adhesive such as No More Nails.

Natural Oak SlatWall

Individual Slats

Why not use our individual slats to create a headboard? There are endless possibilities with this product, and you can create a completely bespoke look! Choose the bedhead width, colour between slats and experiment with the spacing of slats to really create a unique feature!

Natural Oak Individual Slats (without the felt backing)

Smoked Oak

The Smoked Oak SlatWall is  perfect  for replicating those high-end hotel interiors that we all dream of! Now you can bring that touch of luxury to your own home with the beautiful dark, rich tones within these panels – these ooze sophistication!  

Top tip: You can choose to fit your panels on top of your skirting or from floor to ceiling.

Smoked Oak SlatWall

Fitting Your SlatWall Horizontally

Horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you can do it all. 

Natural Oak SlatWall

Slanted Ceiling

SlatWall Panels work brilliantly with slanted ceilings. This room also incorporates lights and sockets into the design for practicality and style.

Natural Oak SlatWall


Floor To Celling

Taking the panels from floor to ceiling will really elongate your wall, creating a greater feeling of space. Each SlatWall Panel is 2.4m tall, making the panels ideal for creating a feature wall that commands attention. Taking the panels just past either side of your bed frame is a technique that anchors your bed within the room and creates a strong feature.  

Top tip: If your wall is taller than 2.4m you can easily stack two panels on top of each other to create a taller panel or you can use the 3m Natural Oak SlatWall with black felt, which is perfect for taller walls.

Natural Oak SlatWall

Full Wall

Don’t be afraid to take the panels across the whole wall – this technique is a much loved one! No matter how big or small the room, a feature wall will always work. It is a simple yet effective way to add interest to your room, just how an interior designer would! Go one step further and use a bed frame without a headboard to let your SlatWall take the main stage.

Top tip: If you are wanting to achieve a minimalist look, add in a pair of simple bedside tables and keep your colour scheme muted – let the feature wall do the talking!

Natural Oak SlatWall

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