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Get to Know Greige – Spring's Trending Colour

Greige interior design featuring SlatWall Grey Oak panels and a black table with two lit candles, a reed diffuser and vase

This spring, we're going greige. If you've recently scrolled interior designs on social media, you've probably noticed the hybrid hue taking its place as the number-one neutral. The colour combines the smokiness of grey with the sandiness of beige, so it's the perfect blend of cool and warm tones. Therefore, it's ideal for creating a versatile foundation you can add personality to.
Spring is the time for transformation – and we love an interior transformation. As the days get longer and lighter outside, we're adding warmth inside with our go-to greige wall covering: SlatWall Grey Oak. Find out how to add the greige trend to your space with our wood panelling for walls.


Two greige interiors. A dining room with black furniture and a living room with a beige sofa, with SlatWall Grey Oak walls.


What is the greige trend?


Put simply, greige is the fusion of grey and beige. The colour is trending thanks to its ability to warm up a space. While grey has been the go-to for creating a cool, contemporary look, greige is becoming the preferred choice as it can make a room feel cosier. Interiors that showcase the shade have an enticing quality; it adds a tranquil ambience to bedrooms, a homey vibe to living rooms and an inviting atmosphere to kitchen and dining areas.


Greige living room and bedroom with sections of SlatWall Grey Oak wood veneer panels on the walls
 Image source: @the_oakwood6


Which colours go with greige?


Greige is as adaptable as it gets. Its ability to work with various colour schemes means you can easily put a personal spin on your space. When picking accent shades for your greige interior, we encourage you to unleash your creativity – the colour goes with everything from jewel tones to earthy hues. It softens monochrome palettes and offers a calming backdrop to bold brights. The shades you pick will bring out greige's cool or warm undertones, so choose them according to the vibe you're aiming for. Reds, oranges and yellows highlight its vanilla tint, whereas greens and blues emphasise its dusky side. You can also layer it with other neutrals for an understated look or mix it with contrasting colours for a more eclectic finish.


Two interiors with SlatWall Grey Oak panels. Greige living room with orange furniture and bedroom with pink and blue bedding.
 Image sources: @visulizzi and


Get the greige look with SlatWall


Spring is the ideal season to start refreshing your interiors. Long weekends are coming up in the calendar, giving you some extra time to focus on those DIY projects you've been dreaming of since winter.
To introduce the greige trend to your home, we recommend our SlatWall Grey Oak panels. Their linear structure and warm wood grain allow you to embrace the aesthetic while adding character to your room. In other words, they're a stunning alternative to greige paint. They're much quicker to install too. Instead of spending days painting your walls and waiting for them to dry, you can install our SlatWall panelling in hours with screws or grab adhesive, which means you'll have time for a bank holiday brunch (or two) with friends!
The colour greige has a timeless quality too. We believe in enduring design, and our SlatWall Grey Oak coverings promote longevity while completely transforming your room. Whether installed wall-to-wall or as a feature, they make an impact with their natural texture and dimensional depth.


Minimalist, greige living room featuring cream curved seating, a marble coffee table and a section of SlatWall Grey Oak.
 Image source: @minimalinteriordesigns


How to style SlatWall Grey Oak for spring


Nothing says spring like vases filled with beautiful blooms or fresh foliage. Just like SlatWall, bright flowers and lush greenery bring the outside in. Bouquets of tulips and hanging baskets overflowing with trailing plants are some of our favourite options for placing throughout the home at this time of year. Plus, they look beautiful against the backdrop of grey oak.

As well as SlatWall panels, we recommend adding further dimension to your room with furniture and homeware featuring bold lines – think curvaceous seating, streamlined tables and sculptural lighting. The changeable weather means there can still be a cold breeze here and there, so keep the chill off by accessorising with plush cushions and snug blankets in your chosen accent colours.


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Refreshing your space with SlatWall this spring? Show us your greige interior design projects on social media by tagging us @naturewalluk and using #MyNaturewall to be featured.