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Bringing the outside in

SlatWall panels behind decorative vases and tall candles.

No matter the weather, being in touch with the outdoors is key for boosting your mood and morale.  It is natural for a country, with such erratic weather patterns, to want an interior design that enables us to feel those same effects without the risk of downpour or heavy wind. As the summer months begin to thrive, it is no wonder that the “Bringing the outside in” trend is ever growing. It is something we often bring up in our styling guides as it is ideal for all types of rooms. We are here to guide you on your DIY journey and provide you with some inspiration to help you do just that.

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Expand your rooms into the outdoors

Firstly, take a look outside your window. Maybe you live in the countryside and see vast open spaces with cattle on the horizon. Or perhaps you are in a concrete jungle style cityscape, with buildings side by side. Whatever it is that you can see, it is time to appreciate the outside and reflect the beauty of the world, indoors. By replicating those textures and colour schemes, through the window and into your own home, you immediately expand your walls into an open and expressive place.

Alternatively, take inspiration from your favourite outdoor space. Whether you dream of living in a house beside the sea or in a cottage up in the mountains, you can “bring the outside in” to create your very own oasis.

Grey sofa with Grey Oak slats on the wall.

Image credit: @the_oakwood6

Mountains and concrete

Mountains are a diverse space, from forests at the base to snowy peaks. Using modern furnishings with a predominantly grey and white colour scheme keeps your room looking stylish, but leaves you with a fresh outlook. Be sparing with your décor and insert an array of smooth textures where possible. Add in the rugged appeal through varied cushions in different hues and patterns. For an extra touch, use a selection of concrete decorative pieces, especially if you live in the city. Purchase or craft your own large concrete pots for a place to put house plants. Using tall plants offers a hint to the mountain base whilst also helping to increase oxygen levels in your interior. Following a minimalist approach leaves you with a contemporary and clean design. Finish off with SlatWall Grey Oak to add a touch of warmth and depth to your room. Use across a full wall or simply place a single panel for texture and intrigue.

Hills and the countryside

Cottages in the countryside are often praised for their vintage charm that blends in with the picturesque hills and sweet wildflowers. Use this as inspiration in your own home by adding a mixture of dark woods, green paints, and smooth brass textures, helping you create a modern twist. Paint your kitchen cabinets, front bath panels, and sink covers green for a unique design choice. Add wood to your walls with our Smoked Oak Slats or Walnut SlatWall panels. Fix brass handles to cupboard doors and place candlesticks on a mantlepiece or windowsill. Head to your local antique dealers, charity, or vintage shops for more small and eye-catching pieces you can switch up as you like. If you wish to enhance the cottagecore aesthetic and brighten up the room, choose lighter coloured woods and greens, to mirror the outdoor landscapes, with subtle crocheted patterns in tablecloths and other fabric pieces.

Bed with Grey headboard. Peel & Stick planks on wall. Natural coloured wood with black metal lighting to show off the golden tones.

Image credit: @ourhouseinlondon

Forests and woods

You can use similar techniques as above if you are wanting a full forestry feel. Dark woods, green paint, and lots of large house plants will instantly create a forest in your own home. However, strip it back to the raw and natural whilst keeping it bright and contemporary for an alternative approach to this side of nature. Rattan chairs, natural oak shelving, pine wardrobes and drawers, wicker baskets for storage, mahogany bed frames, etc. These are all great options for exposing the natural wooden textures and tones into your interiors with ease. Changing up the larger furniture pieces to natural woods instead of small decorations is the most simple way to change up a room with very little effort. For added character and contrast, use walnut and match with black door hinges, handles and legs. You can use feature wall panelling to create a dramatic transformation for a bespoke wall. Use our Peel & Stick planks that are available in a range of colours to match your main choice of wooden décor.

Wood is an incredibly versatile and sustainable material. When purchasing, look for the FSC certification logo to ensure that the brand you are working with are sourcing their woods in an environmentally friendly way.

Natural Oak SlatWall behind house plants

Image credit: @clairelatchem

Sand and sea

If you are looking to insert some of those holiday vibes into your home, the key is in the colour schemes. Vibrant yellows, oranges, greens and blues, mixed in with whites and woods with golden tones. This should be your starting point but showcase your own personality by adding it into your space however you prefer. You may decide to purchase a sea blue sofa and accentuate with tropical indoor plants on either side. Alternatively, change up your bedding to white linen sheets and orange patterned pillow cases, reminiscent of the hotels abroad. Again, the natural and lighter coloured woods are ideal as they remind us of the blissful golden tones of sandy beaches in the Caribbean. By using Java Teak Panels, you can immediately insert splashes of colour as they are made from reclaimed Javanese boats and houses. Otherwise, remain modern with a classic Natural Oak SlatWall feature that will allow your chosen colours to really pop.

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In all instances, you have the creative opportunity to add in as much or as little as you like. Stick to the colour scheme you choose and introduce through large furniture pieces, feature walls and light fittings. Or simply use smaller hints through decorative vases, frames, mirrors etc. Open the curtains wide for a boost of natural lighting and let the outdoors shine through. Mirrors and metallic silvers are excellent at reflecting light to help you brighten up a room as well. However you choose to design your room, remember that nature itself is unkempt and wild, so you have the freedom to mix up your materials, colours and themes. Mix the mountainous greys with the natural forest woods if you wish, or follow one design all through the room. Express your own originality.