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5 Hidden Wall Storage Ideas For Your Wall

Hidden Door - Use SlatWall for these clever storage hacks to keep your home clutter free and achieve the minimalist look in your home...
As many of us know, storage space within your home can quickly run out. If you are running low on storage, you might have to start thinking creatively about how you can make use of every square inch of space you have available.

Whether you’re looking for extra security, privacy, or a more clutter-free interior space, we have a bunch of hidden storage ideas inspired by Naturewall customers that you’ll want to install in your home.

Hidden Storage for Small Spaces

It’s always interesting to explore new ways to maximise space with your home. A lot of the time, creative storage solutions are a necessity in UK homes where space is almost always at a minimum. From creating cupboards and wardrobes in alcoves to adding shelving behind doors, there’s a lot you can do to stretch your space.


Naturewall SlatWall used to hide door in wall. Tall lamp in the left corner and SlatWall surround a TV on the wall.


Hidden Door for “Stealth” Storage Rooms

Everyone has that messy room that they’d rather not look at, right? Installing a hidden door might just be the solution you’re looking for! These are great for utility rooms and cosy snugs.

Creating hidden doors using wooden wall panels is a creative way to add functionality to any room whilst maintaining a contemporary look and design.

Hidden storage room ideas

  • Hide a wardrobe
  • Hide a hallway
  • Disguise a bathroom
  • Hide a pantry



Naturewall SlatWall in grey single panel used to break up a hallway wall. Next to a unique shaped oval mirror.


Stylish Entryway

Add interest to smaller and awkward hallway space by using SlatWall with a large mirror to really open up the entryway. It’s easy to create an inviting first impression for your guests!  Install individual SlatWall planks behind your coat hooks so it always looks chic. Adding a seat which also includes storage is also a great way of hiding clutter!

Image: @dolasjournal


Naturewall Individual SlatWall slats used behind a small bench and coat hooks in home entry way.


Boot Room

This boot room cleverly uses our individual slats to create a nook with bench seat and hangers. Simple, but very effective!  This room cleverly and stylishly hides a washing machine, tumble dryer, dog food, coats, boots and everything in between! Designating a home to all your items will reduce the clutter. 

Image: @ourhouseinlondon



Naturewall SlatWall panels in Smoked oak used to hide wardrobe doors behind a bed in a small bedroom space


Beautiful Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are the best way to get the most out of your storage space. Have them blend in perfectly to your style by adding SlatWall to the doors.


Naturewall SlatWall used behind a some shelving unit/bar area in a home


Shelving Displays 

Not everything belongs hidden away in a cupboard. Add SlatWall behind or alongside your shelving to create a stylish display of photos, vases, candles, and everything in-between. This is a great way of implementing zoning into your room, by breaking up the space and creating visual interest. If you are wanting a more subtle way to introduce SlatWall into your interior, this is how to do it! 

Image: @bekstone_house