Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks
Midnight Ash Planks


Variation of rustic wood tones, deepened by a subtle natural black grain. Create a feature in your room by applying these easy to install planks. 

All planks will have natural characteristics and slight colour variation.    

Peel & Stick Planks Midnight Ash

Wood planks with easy self-adhesive 'Peel & Stick' installation

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Sky Grey
El Capitan
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Midnight Ash

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Dimensions and Details

Plank Size (mm) L1200 x W127 x D4
Pack coverage (m²) 1
Planks per pack 7
Pack Weight 3.2kg
Composition FSC® certified hardwood face and backing, Wood fibre core, VOC-Free European UV Oil, Extra strong self-adhesive strips

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the self-adhesive planks?

Just peel away the backing paper from the tape strips and stick the planks directly onto your wall.

What size are the self-adhesive planks?

Each pack covers 1m² of wall, which equates to 7 planks. All planks are 120cm long x 12.7cm wide x 0.4cm deep.

Can I install on the ceiling?

Yes, you can install them in exactly the same way as you would onto walls. Ensure to use the J-Roller to guarantee maximum adhesion.

Do I need the J-Roller?

Yes, the J-Roller is a specialist tool which allows you to apply pressure to the face of the planks once on the wall, ensuring your planks are fixed securely.

Can I install over wallpaper?

We recommend removing any wallpaper before installing your self-adhesive planks.

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