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Scandinavian Interior Designs to Inspire You

Scandi trends through slatwall panels as a feature wall and neutral colours scheme across bedding on bed in front..

Over and over again we see Scandinavian trends crop up throughout popular interior designs and they won’t be going away any time soon. From making the most out of natural light and bringing nature home, the Scandi outlook is ideal for boosting mental health and well-being whilst ensuring your home looks stylish and modern. Focusing on the key features of this trend allows you to create a welcoming, calm and clean home for yourself and guests you may invite over, particularly as we move into the next few festive months.

Scandi designs lend themselves well to all kinds of interiors, making your rooms functional and spacious. The neutral colour schemes and minimalism are easily adaptable as seasons change. Simply add a pop up of colour through small decór pieces or introduce warmer toned soft furnishings like blankets and cushions. There are a number of ways to transform your home the Scandi way, and we have some beautiful inspiration to get you started.


What are the key features of Scandinavian designs?

  • Make the most out of natural light with big windows and light curtains.
  • Use neutral colour schemes. Mix tones of greys, beiges, and creams keeping a white base colour.
  • Introduce wood accents and other natural materials through furniture, light fittings and decorations. Typically light wood flooring is preferred.
  • Keep your room clutter free, simple and open-plan.
  • Focus on clean lines, varying textures and patterns that bring interest and warmth.


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    Here are a few images to spark your inspiration:


    Single panel of SlatWall natural oak in Scandinavian interior design. Grey sofa to the left with jute rug behind.


    Tip 1: Use natural textures throughout your interior. Try rattan furniture, cane webbing, hessian rugs, and wood panelling for walls.

    First up, @ourhouseinlondon does an excellent job of making a smaller space feel open and bright whilst keeping it functional for lounging and entertaining through the use of scandi wall panelling. There is a clear neutral colour scheme through where the grey settee becomes a beautiful feature within the room. Added colour stems from the taller house plant in a lovely rattan basket that matches the jute runner and golden tones of the Natural Oak slats.

    They have introduced subtle décor on top of a white sideboard as a simple yet bold storage solution to hide away any bits of clutter that may be hanging around. Both the flooring as walls use off-white colours to add a touch of warmth making the SlatWall panel stand out as a feature and Scandinavian wall decoration. Mirrors are ideal for catching more light and opening the room up. 

    Tip 2: Invest in the larger furniture pieces, such as sofas, chairs and tables, to keep the classic style consistent throughout.

    Tip 3: SlatWall panels are perfect additions to any Scandi interior, showcasing natural colours and textures in clean and crisp lines. They also add sound absorption increasing calm in your home. 


    Explore SlatWall Panels

     Bed with grey and white bedding. Sheer linen curtains and slatwall scandinavian feature wall behind the bed.

    @Bonnie_view_ventor uses SlatWall panels to create a boost of texture in their bedroom using the stylings of a Scandinavian feature wall. These clean lines are a key theme throughout the design across the bed sheets and radiator but softened with loose, sheer linen curtains and a unique vintage style light fitting.


    Tip 4: Using light coloured curtains and drapes, particularly sheer or linen materials, allows for a softer approach to the minimalist design whilst giving an airy feel and letting in plenty of natural light.


    This small bedroom space is simple yet effective. Focus on using upholstery and varying fabrics in smaller spaces and avoid excessive decór. Your sofa or bed are the stand out piece instead. This way, your space will feel brighter and more open. Adding in contemporary wall sconces are a great option for extra cosiness in the evening. Make your bedroom a true place to relax and let go of all your worries.

     Scandinavian contemporary living room. Cream sofa with patterns cushion. 3 large full length mirror cover the wall behind.

    Tip 5: Use mirrors and glass furniture to create the illusion of a larger and more open space.


    Mirrors are not only great at capturing light, but they can also create illusions of larger spaces. Using full length mirrors, as @Ourtaylorwimpeymilldale has done above, enlarges the room whilst enhancing the textures around. Glass furniture has a similar ability to make a space feel more open as you can literally see-through the item.

    Using various textures through wall panelling and the beige rug, alongside French pleating and geometric cushion patterns, they have been able to create a sleek and contemporary living space.


    Tip 6: Use Peel & Stick planks for a quick and easy replica of Scandinavian light wood flooring but on your walls for a bespoke addition to the trend.


    Transform your room with Peel & Stick


    Scandinavian design is all about creating a homely space to relax in whilst keeping it usable for all occasions. Make the space your own with signature pieces that display your personality. Add in colour through flowers, use a variety of materials, and layer up on the textures. Find what best suits you to ensure your comfort. Aim to use white as a base colour, then build off this to bring in the warmth. Accent colours like navy, charcoal, or black are perfect to create shadowing and depth, offering contrast against the lighter colour scheme.


    Feeling inspired? Check out our SlatWall collection for decorative wall panels, ideal for a Scandi interior design.


    Hero image: @number.four.teen