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Why Wallpaper and Paint Are Out

Image of a Natural Oak on Black SlatWall background with a desk table and lamp

Applying wallpaper and paint can be such a long process from start to finish. From waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, to applying the second, or mixing the wallpaper paste and lining the paper up. Instead, ditch the bucket and brush and grab some of Naturewall’s wall coverings to update your space with modern and textured SlatWall panels and Planks.

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Two images of a wall covered in SlatWall, one on the left has a small table with flowers in front, the one on the right has a TV on the wall with a gold frame around


@sophjakereno (left) & @grandhouse_life (right)


Transform your walls with SlatWall

The incorporation of wooden slats in interior design has soared and it’s not slowing down. Having natural and sustainable elements in your home is not only environmentally friendly but it also improves your mood and wellbeing. Naturewall has made that incorporation easier for you with our range of SlatWalls. Our new colours have also just dropped, Washed Oak for those Scandi lovers and Deep Walnut for those who appreciate a richer and deeper wood. 

Half your decorating time by switching to a SlatWall feature wall rather than paint or wallpaper. Having to add time waiting for paint to dry, to then add another layer, the job can take a full day sometimes. Same with Wallpaper, and especially if you haven’t got the eye, applying wallpaper can be extremely tricky, you may be tempted to hire someone to do it. However, SlatWall is easy to apply and you don't need to hire someone! Whether you use grab adhesive or screws, your SlatWall can be up in minutes compared to hours with either paint or wallpaper. Once your SlatWall is up, the job is done! Either continue adding more panels or sit back and admire your work.


Two images, on the left shows Natural Oak SlatWall on the back wall with a side table in front, on the right shows Smoked Oak SlatWall on the back wall with a desk in front.


Above you can see Natural Oak on Black on the left, and Smoked Oak SlatWall on the right. See how both achieve a minimalistic interior design, yet add a depth and texture to a room that might look plain if the wall was just painted, or overcrowded with busy wallpaper.

SlatWall looks great as a feature wall or covering the whole length of room. To ensure that your room doesn’t look overcrowded, a full wall of SlatWall looks better in an open-plan space or a large room with high ceilings. If a featured wall is more appropriate for your space, then consider SlatWall as a media wall behind your TV or as a headboard behind the bed.


Peel & Stick, Reclaimed Planks and 3D Panels

If you’re looking for a more natural wood effect with texture, then discover our Plank range. Choose from Peel & Stick, Reclaimed Planks, or 3D Panels. These products all offer an interesting approach compared to the traditional paint and wallpaper. Compared to SlatWall, these products are an elevated design but are not too distant from traditional walls, whereas covering a room in SlatWall may be out of some people's comfort zones.

From Peel & Stick to Reclaimed Planks to 3D Panels, you have a range of textures to chose from. Peel & Stick is a subtle texture where as Reclaimed and 3D are sustainable wooden panels with a natural texture and depth. Embracing natural elements is something we take pride in at Naturewall and therefore our products represent this. Compared to wallpaper and paint, our Peel & Stick and 3D & Reclaimed ranges not only reduce labour time, but also mean no two walls will be the same. Your interior design will be truly bespoke with added texture and depth, whilst also incorporating those natural elements for improve mental wellbeing.

Peel & Stick has a different installation than the rest of the Planks. Its as easy as it sounds, simply peel the backing off and stick it to the wall! Your entire wall could be done in less than an hour, much more exciting than waiting for paint to dry. Reclaimed and 3D need more care and attention, but not as much as wallpapering! Like SlatWall, either apply with grab adhesive or nails and screws.


Two images, on the left shows Alaska Peel and Stick Plank in a kitchen behind a sink, paired with teal kitchen cabinets. On the right shows a dining room with Sky Grey Peel and Stick Plants across the back wall, paired with a pale wood dining table and chairs


Take inspiration from the above two interiors with Peel & Stick walls. On the left you can see Alaska in a kitchen paired with teal-green cabinets and pale wooden bar stools. The pale, cool tones in the wood combined with a white marble and bar stools give a Scandinavian vibe that pairs beautifully with the green. On the right is a similar interior design as the pale wood continues. Sky Grey is used in this dining room on the back wall, the cool tones are consistent within the room, which create a cohesive environment as there is purpose behind the design.


Easy cleaning SlatWall Waterproof

Your functional spaces need love too. Your kitchen and bathroom design can be limiting due to the need of functionality. SlatWall Waterproof offers you an alternative, this is perfect for steamy bathrooms, kitchen splash backs, or a busy entrance hall where the kid’s muddy boots are kept. A simple wipe down and your paneling is good as new.

Tile or paint may be your go to when thinking of a bathroom make-over, but consider SlatWall Waterproof due to its functionality and design elements. Not only will it elevate your space to look like a luxury spa, but it will also create a calm and relaxing space by incorporating the natural source of wood with water.

SlatWall Waterproof has a similar installation to our regular SlatWall. However, it doesn’t have a felt backing which allows you the flexibility to use screws. Instead it is completely solid to stay durable in those high humidity rooms. Still easy to apply but we recommend using grab adhesive, so the product isn’t damaged by the screws. Apply your grab adhesive, secure it on the wall and seal to increase their water resistance longevity.

If you’re not adding more panels then our dedicated end caps can offer you a finished look. Then the job is done!

Two images show Walnut SlatWall Waterproof in different rooms. On the left shows an entrance area with the backwall covered in SlatWall, continued down onto the bench. On the right shows another bench covered in Slatwall Waterproof but Walnut  Individual SlatWall Slats have been used to make a geometric design on the wall


SlatWall Waterproof is a great addition to any room to bring creativity to a functional space. You can give your bathroom a spa and hotel feel by adding a feature wall, this is also a great way to zone out the room and utilize the space. See how the panelling has been used to zone out an area in this entrance hall, a space dedicated to preparing to leave home as well as arriving and unwinding. This allows there to be a flow to the space. To keep it cohesive Walnut has been used on the wall and on the bench, this further ties the design into the room. On the right is a similar design but instead of continuing the SlatWall up to the ceiling, Individual SlatWall Slats in Walnut have been used to create a geometric design.

Head to our Instagram to see how others have transformed their interiors with Naturewall products, and for more styling and interior inspiration.

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